Vigilox Intelligence Cycle

The Vigilox Intelligence Cycle consists of six (6) phases.  These phases include:

  • Requirements
  • Planning
  • Collection
  • Analysis
  • Dissemination
  • Decision 

Vigilox Intelligence Cycle is a process geared to provide decision-makers, enterprise defenders, and business-builders with tailored intelligence. 

Vigilox Intelligence Cycle
Vigilox Intelligence Cycle


The Intelligence Lifecycle is a process initially developed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA0.  Over time military technologies, innovations, and advancements find application within private enterprise.  Similarly, tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) originated by intelligence and law enforcement agencies, respectively, find their way into public sector.  These TTPs are adapted for use by private enterprise.  The CIA's Intelligence Lifecycle is one of many such examples. 


During the Requirements Phase, decision makers define key objectives of this intelligence cycle.  These objectives are defined based on essential elements of intelligence required by decision makers for decision support.


During the Planning Phase, tools, tactics, and procedures related to data collection are defined. 


During the Collection Phase, information is gathered from array of sources using a variety of methods including open source intelligence, human intelligence, public sources, or special operations.


During the Analysis Phase, information gathered is processed and analyzed. 


During the Dissemination Phase, analysis, charts, reports, summaries, assessments, bulletins, advisories, rules, and alerts are produced and delivered to relevant decision makers, business builders, and enterprise defenders.


During the Decision Phase, consumers of this Tailor Intelligence Program (TIP) make decisions and provide feedback.  These decisions and feedback work to alter requirements and redefine objectives.