Our vCIO service is designed to provide decision-makers and business-builders with practical solutions to the information technology challenges they face. Our vCIO solution is more than an arms length consulting service. Our approach is results-driven. Your success is our success.

We provide owners, board members, and C-level decision-makers with experience-powered and intelligence-driven decision support needed to move the enterprise forward. We are prepared to take the leadership role and responsibility for the crucial tasks confronting today's Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, respectively.

We’re prepared to mobilize and surge the human resources and technical skills required to solve pressing problems. Our vCIO is designed to work closely with existing, on-premise, or contract information technology resources in the process of developing a coherent long-term information technology plan for the enterprise.

How IT Works


Discovery involves the deployment light-weight agents to search for and identity network devices and endpoints. The devices include workstations, laptops, mobile devices, servers, printers, routers, switches, printers, virtual servers, IoT devices, and cloud-based assets. Discovery seeks to identify rogue, unauthorized, employee- or vendor-owned Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Protection involves the implementation of policy and the deployment of resources intended to minimize the risk of a cybersecurity event. Protection is a continuous effort to minimize, and whenever possible, eliminate the risk of a cybersecurity event.


Detection involves the implementation of policies and procedures in order to facilitate the timely detection of cybersecurity events. These policies and procedures define the human, hardware, and software resources deployed for the timely, continuous, and near real-time detection of cybersecurity events.


Response involves the implementation of policies and procedures necessary to react in a timely, effective, and collaborative manner to a cybersecurity event. Response is the rapid mobilization, coordination, and deployment of human and technical resources to contain and resolve cybersecurity events.


Recovery involves the implementation of policies and procedures necessary to restore from damage resulting from a cybersecurity event. Recovery seeks to empower the enterprise to rapidly restore, replace, or repair lost data, services, and processes.