Vigilox provides an array of Open Source Intelligence services designed to empower today's information-driven enterprise.  

Vigilox Active Research designs and implements a Tailored Intelligence Plan (TIP) designed to provide actionable to decision makers.  This intelligence is used to support a host of enterprise or personal efforts including mergers & acquisitions, private security, enterprise defense, human resources, litigation support, public safety, and more. 

Vigilox Cyber Investigations services provide the Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Malware Analysis needed to address hacks, breaches, and system compromise.  

Vigilox Due Vigilance services and solutions provide business builders with visibility of enterprise technical and human assets.  Visibility of network, end user, server, and web-based may provide the first indications of potential compromise.  Visibility of human assets provides early-warning of potential policy weaknesses or violations.  

Identify theft can result in financial loss and personal inconvenience.  Enterprise or personal data in the hands of hackers, terrorists, enemy nation-states, and organized criminal syndicates can pose a real, even mortal, danger.   Vigilox Internet Privacy services and solutions provide awareness, training, and tools necessary to protect your Internet Privacy.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the collection, correlation, analysis, and reporting of data gathered from publicly accessible sources.  Our Open Source Intelligence services and solutions are designed supply your enterprise, or personal initiative, with information for better decisions.

Vigilox Private Intelligence services and solutions are designed to assist our clients in the tailored collection, thorough analysis, and mission-specific exploitation of information gleaned from a broad range of publicly available or accessible sources.

The best, most important, and most accessible source of Open Source Intelligence is found in the data and meta-data generated by the normal day-to-day, moment-to-moment operation of your enterprise or your personal private activities.  This data is contained in a myriad array of logs and files.  Collecting, correlating, and analyzing this data provides the best opportunity to find vulnerabilities, detect potential misconfigurations, identify weaknesses in security policies, suspicious user activity and much more.  Our Security Operations Center (SOC) services and solutions provide the human and technical resources necessary to 1) help you build your own in-house enterprise SOC or 2) provide a fully managed SOC solution for your enterprise or personal needs. 

Our Threat Research service will help you identify, preemptively, any threat actors, malware campaigns, hactivists, nation-state actors, or others that pose a potential or apparent threat to your enterprise or person. We will provide practicle guidance on how to defend against the identified threat.