Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the disciplined collection of publicly available information, openly accessible data, and proprietary data sources. This information is collected via a host of automated, manual, and propriety methods, respectively. 

The information is carefully, thoroughly, and painstaking analyzed.   Data is correlated to reveal relationships and  patterns.  Relevant and timely reports, graphics, charts, presentations, summaries and mappings are generated. 

OSINT is essential in order to expose potential weaknesses and/or identify emerging threats.   Vigilox OSINT produces valuable, actionable, and continuous intelligence for business builders, information security professionals and others.

Utilize Open Source Intelligence to:

  1. Gain deeper insight into a potential merger or acquisition
  2. Go beyond the standard background check for new employee and management hires
  3. Learn more about vendors, partners, suppliers, and affiliates
  4. Visualize competitors in different ways
  5. Profile companies, organizations, or individuals of interest

In the information age, business managers need to know as much as possible about their enterprise and market space.  Open Source Intelligence provides a unique and powerful tool for decision makers.

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