CASE STUDY: "Secret Life"

CASE STUDY: "Secret Life"


In March 2016, Oklahoma authorities were dispatched to a local motel to conduct a welfare check.  The call to the police was triggered when the father of a 17-year old boy discovered disturbing text messages that caused him to be concerned for the safety of his son.  The police found the young man inside the room with an adult male.  The adult was soon identified State Senator Ralph Shortey.  

The subsequent investigation would reveal the fact that Shortey had a

“secret life”.  

The Washington Post reported

“...investigators uncovered a secret life that they say involved child pornography and a rendezvous with a 17-year-old boy...”  

The Washington Post goes on to state

“According to a federal indictment, Shortey had been using the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] since 2010. In 2012, he created Craigslist and Facebook accounts using the AOL email address and used false names such as Brian Tilley and Jamie Tilley.”

Additionally, The Washington Post reports

“He asked people to message him on Kik, where he uses the username ‘Brinokc4u.’ “

The Washington Post article indicates

“Shortey was charged with engaging in child prostitution, transporting a minor for prostitution and engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church. “

Other news reports indicate that Ralph Shortey has agreed to plead guilty and is awaiting sentencing on an assortment of Federal criminal charges.  According to the Washington Post,

“The sex trafficking charge is punishable by at least 10 years in prison. Federal law requires defendants to serve at least 75 percent of their sentence.”


Ralph Shortey created multiple profiles on several different social media platforms including Craigslist, Kik, and Facebook.  Shortey’s “secret life” leveraged email accounts from AOL, Gmail, and possibly other providers.  Shortey masqueraded as

“Brian Tilley”


“Jamie Tilley”.  

The faked names form the basis for equally bogus profile names such as “Brinokc4u”.  The false identities former Senator Ralph Shortey created appear to have been in use or more than seven (7) years.  


Law enforcement, intelligence agents, reporters, activists, terrorists, hackers, and others routinely create alternate identities.  The alternate identities are created for purposes of operational security.  Ralph Shortey went to great length to create, and also protect, his “secret life.” However, his profiles were created merely to mask his predatory sexual conduct.  Could Ralph Shortey’s “secret life” been unveiled sooner?  Yes.  Why?  Once again, his alternate profiles were created solely to support is deviant predatory nature.  Therefore, his “secret life” and his real life were bound to intersect and overlap.  Open source intelligence data collection, along with careful analysis, might have discovered this activity. 

Police body cam video show the very moment Ralph Shortey's "secret life" came to an end.


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