Vigilox Cyber Investigations services provide the Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Malware Analysis needed to address hacks, breaches, and system compromise.  Cyber attackers are human.  Humans make mistakes.  Probes and scans of your enterprise may leave traces in logs.  Malware used by a threat actor to attack your enterprise should be collected and analyzed.  This analysis will provide vital clues regarding the identity and intentions of the attacker.  

Our Cyber Investigation services involves three key processes.  The phases are

  1. Imaging and data acquisition
  2. Analysis
  3. Reporting

Our Cyber Investigation services covers a 

  1. Network Forensic Analysis
  2. Digital data analysis
  3. Mobile Device Forensics
  4. Computer Forensics
  5. Database Analysis

Our Cyber Investigation service works to peel the layers and unmask threat actors, their tools, their tactics, and their target.  

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