Business Continuity

Vigilox enables Business Continuity in the age of pandemic viruses, eugenics, gene editing

Enterprise defenders, out of necessity, plan and prepare for the continued operation of the enterprise in the face of cyber or digital threats.  Until now, threats commonly referred to as computer “viruses” posed the greatest threat.  A paradigm shift is underway. 

Due Vigilance

Vigilox, Due Vigilance, ElasticStack, OSINT, Open Source Intelligence, Maltego, Recon-NG, Hunchly, Spiderfoot

Maintain constant, quiet, watch-FULL, view of your enterprise. Continuously monitor key technical and human resources. Monitor vendors, partners, affiliates, and potential merger/acquisition targets. Examine, investigate, and visualize your enterprise in EXACTLY the same way that a potential threat actor would do.

Merriam-Webster defines “vigilance” as

the quality or state of being vigilant.”


ElasticStack, Kibana, Wazuh, PCI, DSS

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the defining criteria by which any organization that accept credit cards achieve compliance. PCI DSS establishes baseline standards by which Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is handled.

vCIO and vCISO

Vigilox, Elastic, ElasticSIEM, Winlogbeat, vCIO, Fractional CIO, vCISO, CISO, CIO

Our vCIO service is designed to provide decision-makers and business-builders with practical solutions to the information technology challenges they face. Our vCIO solution is more than an arms length consulting service. Our approach is results-driven. Your success is our success.

Security Analytics

Vigilox, ElasticStack-powered Security Analytics, ElasticSIEM

Security Analytics sounds complicated. It’s not. It is simply the process involving the continuous, near real-time, collection, analysis, and visualization of all-source logs in order to identify suspicious or anomalous activity.

The speed at which logs are created, by even small enterprises, together with the shear volume (e.g. millions of lines of entries) make it IMPOSSIBLE for a human analyst to visually inspect and detect malicious behavior.