Identify and address vulnerabilities and weaknesses BEFORE threat actors find and exploit them. The goal of Vigilox Consulting is to provide business-builders and decision-makers with the information, technical resources, and human assets needed to proactively minimize the risk of a distracting cyber-incident or destructive cyber attack. 

The correct posture for business-builders and decision-makers is

1) Assume that your enterprise, or that of a  supply- or value-chain member, is presently compromised at either the host, application, human, or network level,


2) Assume that your enterprise is being subjected to the pre-attack reconnaissance, scans, probes, and open source intelligence research that foreshadows an effort to breach your systems. 

What is the solution?  Beat attackers at their own game!  We will work closely with your team to identify and resolve vulnerabilities, mis-configurations, and policy weaknesses before threat actors, internal or external, can abuse them.

Cyber-crime has grown into a highly sophisticated, multi-billion dollar, global industry.  Cyber incidents and cyber attacks are a fact of life.  Most businesses, organizations, government agencies, and individuals will be the victim of a cyber-incident at some point.  When that event occurs, there's no need to go it alone.  Vigilox Consulting provides the crucial input, guidance, and decision support needed to identify, contain, and resolve a cyber incident or cyber attack.  Our team will work closely with your staff to mobilize, aggregate, and direct an aggressive and time-sensitive response to the cyber-incident or cyber-attack underway against your enterprise or person.  Vigilox Consulting will advise business-builders and decision-makers regarding the critically important processes needed to effectively address cyber-incidents and cyber-attacks.  These processes include:

  • Threat Intelligence ("What does a potential attacker know about your enterprise? What do you know about cyber threats"?)
  • Vulnerability Assessment ("Let's test and evaluate your current security system, policies, and human resources.")
  • Incident Response ("A breach is detected.  Now what must be done?")
  • Compromise Assessment ("A breach is confirmed.  What interruption has occurred? What damage has been done?")
  • Containment ("How do we terminate the intrusion and limit the interruption or damage?)
  • Remediation ("The breach is contained.  Now time to resolve the technical, policy, and resource issues that allowed the breach.")
  • Deployment and Integration ("The breach or security assessment exposed exploitable issues. Deploy and integrate new systems, policies, and human resources to strengthen the enterprise against future attack.")

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