The Intelligent Enterprise uses the continuous and aggressive collection, aggregation, correlation, analysis, and reporting of mission-critical information to fortify and reinforce crucial processes including sales, security, human resources, management information, and more. Intelligence-driven enterprises are empowered to make faster and better decisions.

Enterprise Visibility

A great deal of information about your enterprise is exposed, or in a manner of speaking, leaks to the Internet.  This information can give a potential attacker a fairly detailed footprint of your infrastructure including but not limited to networking, applications, email servers, vulnerabilities, software types, and software versions, and more.  This information is easily accessible via specialized search engines.  In fact, Google is readily used by attackers as part of their reconnaissance process.  It is vital that you have the complete visibility of networking, hosts, and human assets.  

Threat Analysis

Analysis of Open Source Intelligence collected on your enterprise or person can yield important information needed to enhance your security posture. If you don't find and resolve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in policy then threat actors will exploit them in due time.

Vulnerability Assessment

Open Source Intelligence is crucial in determining which threats pose a danger to your enterprise.  Just as importantly, a threat assessment driven by intelligence reveals which threats are not a concern.  This enables decision-makers to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of valuable information security, financial, and human resources.