About Vigilox

The Company

In a world of "Big Data,"  we believe that it's the single piece of intelligence that makes the crucial difference.  Our organization is structured to help you find that information.  Our organization is agile.  We are able to respond rapidly to client requests.  We are able to pivot quickly in response to new findings or developments.  We collaborate seamlessly with the internal staff and management team of our clients.  To protect our client's information we implement strict security policies and information security best practices.  

We absolutely NO NOT discuss or disclose sources, methods, tools, techniques, or tactics. We guard the identities of select personnel, affiliates, and partners along their abilities, their backgrounds, and their roles.

The Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve your mission.  Vigilox uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, technique, tactics, and processes to create Tailored Information Programs (TIPs) for clients. These TIPs provide clients with actionable data used to enhance enterprise security, protect human resources, identify internal and external threats, identify technical vulnerabilities and policy weaknesses. Our services enable decision-makers and business-builders to maintain due vigilance over their enterprise, vendors, partners, associates, and other key participants.

The Vision

The most successful companies, organizations, and individuals are those who fully appreciate and leverage information.  These companies, organizations, and even individuals, know the value of intelligence and the power it has to give them the advantage.