CASE STUDY: "Kill Some Jews"

CASE STUDY: "Kill Some Jews"


In February 2017 news broke worldwide that an Arlington preschool teacher had been fired. The reason for her termination had to do with the discovery of a large number of highly offensive, indeed shocking, anti-Semitic social media posts. In one of her posts, Nancy Salem states

“Kill Some Jews.”

In another Facebook post, Salem is party to a discussion in which the question is posed, “How many Jews died in the Holocaust?,” to which she replies, “No enough.”

Nancy Salem was fired within hours of the public release of her social media activity. Washington Times reported that,

“The Children’s Courtyard released a statement Wednesday saying Ms. Salem was no longer employed at the school.”

Children’s Courtyard management went on to say,

“Providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment is of the utmost importance to us,” the statement said. “The offensive comments certainly don’t reflect our views. Our employees are expected to uphold certain standards of personal and professional conduct. Our senior leadership thoroughly investigated this matter. This person no longer works for our company.”

Nancy Salem’s social media activity came with exposure of more than twenty-four other individuals with similar, and in some instances, violent “jihadist” views. The discovery was made by researchers at Canary Mission.


Founded in 1986, Children’s Courtyard, according to Bloomberg

“operates child-care schools that provide early education and child-care services ...”

Additionally, the company

“offers programs for infants, toddlers, early preschool and preschool, pre-kindergarten, and private kindergarten..”

Nancy Salem was the teacher for 2-year old preschoolers.

Individuals often, and erroneously, think that their social media activity is secret or hidden. It is not. In some cases, deleted social media activity is also accessible. A vigilant employer could have even monitored, collected, and analyzed her entire social media history for offensive content.


Could Children’s Courtyard have discovered this offensive behavior before it went public? Yes. Should the company have used open source intelligence to monitor for this or other types of offensive or undesirable conduct? Yes. Given that the firm is in the business of child day care, the answer is abundantly obvious. What if, instead of racially offensive content, an employee was found to be involved in child exploitation?


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