Our Active Research service utilizes open source intelligence collection tools, techniques, and procedures to create a Tailored Intelligence Program (TIP). Each TIP is a data collection, analysis, and reporting solution purpose-built to gather information specific to your mission, interest, or concern. A TIP is a collection of technical and human assets. A TIP can be run for a specific period of time, to achieve a specific objective, or to provide a continuous flow of intelligence.

    Partner & Vendor Trust
    Litigation Support
    Corporate Intelligence
    Private Intelligence
    Public Safety
    Threat Research
    Threat Intelligence
    Brand Defense
    Background Research
    Political Intelligence
    Competitive Research
    Business Intelligence
    Business Reconnaissance
    Personal Reconnaissance
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    Due Diligence
    Special Projects

Our Active Research services develops the actionable intelligence needed for risk mitigation, decision support, and more. Contact Vigilox to get started.