Vigilox empowers decision-makers, business-builders & enterprise-defenders with tailored intelligence, resources, tools, and managed security services.

Intelligence transforms a passive and reactionary enterprise defense strategy into a vigilant, threat-seeking, vulnerability-detecting, agile, and adaptive security solution.  Respond to Indications of Compromise(IoCs) rapidly and effectively.  Identify vulnerabilities immediately. Address policy weaknesses quickly.

Vigilox believes that knowledge, actionable intelligence, is the key component in enterprise defense.

Knowledge is the key component in an effective enterprise or personal cyber-defense strategy.

Vigilox - Illuminate Threats

Threats continue to rapidly adapt and evolve.  Intelligence is required for your enterprise defense to keep pace.

Vigilox - Watch and Listen

Vigilance means gaining real-time visibility into business-critical systems and human assets.  Be the first to know.


The Intelligent Enterprise uses the continuous and aggressive collection, aggregation, correlation, analysis, and reporting of mission-critical information to fortify and reinforce crucial processes including sales, security, human resources, management information, and more. Intelligence-driven enterprises are empowered to make faster and better decisions.

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Threat actors conduct extensive recon prior to attacking.  Know how they do it. Defend against it.

What does the Deep Web and Darknet know about you and/or your enterprise?

Leaked source code from the CIA and NSA is being used in recent ransomware versions.

The Hacker Inside

The insider threat is often overlooked. Malicious insiders compromise data and violate trust.